The Grabber X1240 Mobile Fall Protection System provides two overhead anchor points – anytime, anywhere. The Grabber meets OSHA fall protection codes and ANSI Z359.6 design requirements for fall arrest systems, and has been validated by an independent 3rd party ISO 17025 testing laboratory. The versatile Grabber is designed to be used in either fall arrest or fall restraint and features a one-of-a kind adjustable mast that can be positioned anywhere between 2 and the unprecedented maximum height of 30.

– Two (2) Fall Arrest Anchor Points for Simultaneous Tie-off
– 30′ Maximum Height Supports Wide Range of Uses
– 100% Hydraulic Mast & Counterweight for Ease of Use & Quick Setup Time
– Incomparable Mobility & Interstate Travel
– 6′ Wide Frame Makes Tight Areas Accessible
– Ships Ready to Go – No Assembly Required!

Malta Dynamics Mobile Grabber Options

Grabber GO!
M1000 – Friction Drive Mobility Package  adds wireless, independent mobility to the unit. Our system attaches two independent electric motors to the Malta Dynamics Mobile Grabber that drives its wheels, allowing you to position the Grabber without a vehicle attached. Note: The Malta Dynamics Mobile Grabber GO! is designed to be used on smooth level concrete surfaces.The Malta Dynamics Mobile Grabber Wireless Control OptionW1000 – has taken all the functions of the standard corded remote and shrunk them into a compact wireless control. This state of the art unit provides all the needed safety features as well as seamless, instant control of the unit with a range of up to 100″.The Malta Dynamics Mobile Grabber Solar Charger

S1000 – harnesses the power of the sun to maintain the battery of the unit. Assuring maintenance-free performance, this system features high efficiency crystalline solar cells to provide greater power and state of the art electronics to control charging. The 60 watt crystalline solar panels are weatherproof and made with a rugged aluminum frame as well as shatterproof tempered glass for superior durability.The charge controller protects the battery from overcharge and discharge to ensure years of worry-free use. And best of all, the system is always working.The Malta Dynamics Mobile Grabber Spare Tire Kit

ST1000 – can be added to any existing unit. It can be ordered at the time of Grabber purchase or as a separate component later on. It is easily installed with a few hand tools. This option includes the spare tire and all needed hardware to mount the spare tire to an existing X1240, X1250 or X1260 model.The Malta Dynamics Mobile Grabber becomes even more versatile with the optional Confined Space Rescue/Retrieval kit

R1000 – Now the convenience of having overhead fall arrest anchor points – anytime, anywhere – can be combined with OSHA required rescue/retrieval options for confined spaces. Each Razorback Rescue/Retrieval unit not only provides fall protection but also allows an attendant to rescue a worker in need by raising or lowering (bi-directional winching capabilities) them to a safe level.The Malta Dynamics Mobile Grabber Solid Tire Option

SPT1000 is great for sites that require puncture or rupture proof tires. *Not for highway use.The Malta Dynamics Mobile Grabber Grounding Lug Option

GR1000 offers two standardized studs for sites requiring electrical grounding. *Photo not shown.