Portable rotor stator pump specifically designed for the installation of large volumes of cement grouts or as a staging pump on the ground to lift volumes of product to a secondary pump for product application up to ten stories high. Capable of producing high output at 600 psi (41 bar) of pumping pressure and can easily move materials up to 400 feet. Characteristics: – Simple to use, easy to move – High output (300 Bags per hour based on 50 lb. bags) – Variable pump output for adjustment of material output flow – Pumping Distance: 400 feet – Pumping Height: 150 feet – Reversible pump direction – Hopper capacity: 16 Gallon (2.2 Cu. Ft.) – Power requirements: 230VAC 30A-1PH – Easy to take apart for cleaning and transport – Easy to maintain with long wearing parts and component – Replacement parts stocked for all pumping units.