Portable rotor stator pump specifically designed for the installation of epoxy grouts with low aggregate loading. This includes our Five Star DP/PG or Chockfast HF products. Fully capable for mortars and cementitious materials as well. A larger scale than our P30 pump with a much larger hopper size (60 Gallon – .75 Cu. Yd.)this machine is small and compact, yet large enough to get the job done. Say goodbye to buckets. No matter what type of mortar you?re pumping, the model ToughTek P30X or P30XHT Mortar Pump provides long-lasting durability and rugged performance ? and handles a wide range of mortar materials. Its compact design and light weight make it easy to transport and use on the jobsite. Reduce manual labor and assure full frame contact and start pumping with the P30X mortar pump & P30XHT epoxy pump instead. Characteristics: – Simple to use, easy to move – Variable pump output for adjustment of material output – Pumping Distance: 100 feet – Pumping Height: 60 feet – Reversible pump direction – Hopper capacity: 16 Gallon (2.2 Cu. Ft.) – Power requirements: 230VAC 30A-1PH – Easy to take apart for cleaning and transport – Easy to maintain with long wearing parts and component – Replacement parts stocked for all pumping units Uses Include: – Five Star DP/PG epoxy grout – Chockfast HF epoxy grout – All cement grouts and specialty or hybrid concretes.