Structural Concretes are high early strength products that are manufactured as a single component, permanent, concrete repair material. Structural Concrete products are dimensionally stable; develop an integral bond to existing concrete, and restores structural integrity within hours of placement. Application thickness can range from 1/4 inch to 12 inches (6 mm to 300 mm) neat and can be extended with aggregates for depths exceeding 6 feet (1,828 mm) in a single pour. Structural Concretes provide increased corrosion protection of steel reinforced structures with migrating corrosion inhibitor technology and very low chloride ion permeability. Moisture sensitive coatings and epoxy grout overlays can be applied in 8 to 24 hours of placement. Typical uses include restoration of machinery foundations, floor repairs, construction joint repairs, tanks, sumps, curbs, marine and hydraulic structures, and Nuclear Safety Zone applications to name a few.