• We carry a complete series of throw away brushes used to clean or apply primer coats or industrial/commerial coatings not requiring an architectural finish. Call us with your application and product and we can make a brush recommendation.
  • A powerful, specially formulated concentrated microbial cleaning solution ideal for removing and remediating fats, oils, greases, protein, cellulose, and starches as well as assist with the cleaning of grease traps and septic tanks. F.O.G is the perfect choice in restaurants or food producing facilities where drain lines and grease traps are a problem. It is also effective for cleaning slick floors and controlling odors as well as cleaning up blood, vomit, animal and human waste.
  • A microbial cleaning product for your septic system that tranforms human waste into carbon dioxide and water keeping your drain field free-flowing. A far superior treatment than standard enzymes that only breakdown waste matter into smaller bits.
  • An absorbant polymer crystal designed to absorb high volumes of liquid into itself. This allows the liquid and any contaminates housed within, to be removed/transported in a much easier and affordable way. Unlike other solidification media such as saw dust, Portland Cement, Kitty-litter, Dri-Rite, or kiln dust the Genesis chemically bonds with water and it will hold it under pressure while only adding minimal mass. General rule is that the Genesis product can absorb up to 400 times its volume.
  • We can supply a high pressure wash system for the complete cleanout of mixing equipment after placement of epoxy and cement grouting systems.
  • A powerful oil eating microbial based cleaning solution ideal for removing and remediating all types of hydrocarbon based products. Surface will remove oil and deep oil stains in a variety of applications where oil contamination is a challenge.
  • A long lasting mold and mildew prevention product designed as a superior sealant for the protection of an substrate. It is low VOC, UV resistant, enhances preserevation of substrate or surface, and prevents staining and water damage.