Machine Support Technologies has earned a reputation for understanding our clients projects and supplying high performance grouts and foundation restoration products, application designs and installation techniques. Part of that design process includes the use of very high performance coatings and repair products to help support our foundation and grouting projects.

We supply very high performance coatings, elastomers, coatings systems, and repair resins for commercial, industrials, and architectural uses. MST brings the same dedication to our coatings lineup as we do with our foundation and grouting concepts. We focus on providing quality, engineered, coatings systems for corrosion and wear reduction, safety non-slip surfaces for fall protection, floor coverings and restorations, primary and secondary containment systems, and much more. MST is a one stop source for a complete selection of primers and coatings- many of which are engineered to meet a wide range of applications and specifications.

Floor Coatings | Protective Coatings | Anti-Slip Coatings | Secondary Containment