• We can makes up custom damming forms for our chocking compounds. These are typically made of angle iron pieces to disipate the temperatures of epoxy exotherm during the curing process
  • We can help the project contractor with the design of his forming system. From single use forms to multi use systems to help curb the contractors cost for grout placement on the project site.We utilize standard wood systems as well as styrofoam forming for grout placement, control joints, safety chamfer edging, etc.
  • A heavy, single component putty used to help stop the leakage of epoxy and cement grouts during their applcation.
  • We carry various products to apply to the forming system to allow for easy removal of the forms after application of the cement or epoxy grout. This includes high temperature Non-melt grease, paste wax, polysheeting and spray adhesive, melamine board, etc. Call us with your application for a recommendation.
  • This includes various length screws for the general construction of wood and styrofaom forms to the attachment of the forms to the concrete substrate for the installation of our epoxy and cement grouts.
  • Used to seal the forming material to the subtrate to prevent material leakage during product installation.
  • We can work with your project designers to supply the proper structural lumber capable of handling the weights of our epoxy grout and structural concretes.
  • We manufacture various shapes of 1#, 2#, and 3# density styrofoam for the forming of our grouting products. These shapes include square, recangular, and chamfer style for safety edging of formed epoxy grout applications. Custom shapes for anchor bolt blockouts in new concrete foundations, etc. Call with your design and we'll recommend a product.