Th Mobile Fall Protection System provides multiple overhead anchor points – anytime, anywhere. It meets OSHA® fall protection codes and ANSI® Z359.6 design requirements for fall arrest systems, and has been validated by an independent 3rd party ISO 17025 testing laboratory. The versatile Mobile Fall Protection System  models are designed to be used in either fall arrest or fall restraint and feature a one-of-a-kind adjustable mast that can be positioned anywhere between 2’ (.6m) and maximum heights up to 35’ (10.7m). The width of the unit has been reduced to create a smaller footprint. The can be custom tailored with MST options for specific site requirements.

Single Point · Dual Point · Three Point · Five Point

1240 is suitable for both fall arrest and fall restraint applications for up to 2 users. Provides overhead tie-off at a height up to 30’ (9.1m) being infinitely adjustable down to 2’ (.6m).

1250 contains all the same features as the 1240 model. It differs in that it offers a 5’ extendable mast which provides one worker overhead tie-off at a height up to 34’ (10.4m) being infinitely adjustable down to 2’ (.6m). 1250 accommodates up to 3 workers.

1260 is an upgraded version of the 1250 with the availability to place five workers in fall arrest. The max height is now 34’ (10.4m).

· Wireless Mobility
· Wireless Deployment Operation
· Solar Charger
· Secondary Battery Backup
· Generator Power Backup
· Overhead Light-bar
· Overhead Self-Recoiling Power
· Solid Pneumatic Tires
· Grounding Lug
· Confined Space Retrieval
· Lockout Tag Control
· Outrigger Pads-Soft Soils
· Weatherproof Storage
· Safety Strobe for Energized Indication
· Customizable to Specifications

What kind of Self-Retracting Lifelines should be used?
We recommend a minimum of 30’ SRLs for use with the 1240 model and either 30’ or 50’ units for the 1250. These should be ANSI Class B rated SRLs with an average arresting force of 900 lbs. or less. We offer a metal housed 30’ unit in the Razorback™ C8001 or a composite housed unit in the Warthog™ C7001. Our 50’ unit is the Warthog™ C7002 – also a composite housed unit. Please always consider a rescue plan though, and take note of our R1000 rescue and confined space package which includes a 3-way self-retracting rescue devices.

Does the mast swivel, and how do I position the unit?
With Friction Drive Mobility Package (M1000) the entire unit will not only rotate 360°, but it can be safely positioned for final use in tight spaces. This can be accomplished with the mast in any position – raised or lowered.

Does the need a license plate?
It depends upon the state. The mobile fall unit is not a trailer, but rather a towable piece of equipment that is classified the same as a generator or log splitter. You must check with your local department of transportation for clarification.

Can it be lifted via forklift or crane?
Yes. The units are equipped with two forklift pockets as well as four crane bail mounts. The crane bail mounts have been designed per the 13th Edition of AISC “Steel Construction Manual” for the ease of crane picks and loading.

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