Protecting your assets in the toughest environments. Futura Coatings specializes in developing and manufacturing high-performance coatings, elastomers, and structural resins. Our broad line includes polyurethanes, polyureas, epoxies, epoxy novalacs, engineered polyurethane foam systems and vinyl esters.
Futura Coatings is your source for a complete selection of primers, 100% solids VOC compliant systems, solvent and water-based systems as well as a wide variety of specialty coatings – many of which are engineered to meet very specific customer applications.

ALL Futura Products

• Primers and tie coats
• Polyurethane
• Polyurea elastomerics
• Theming and composites
• DTM pipe and tank linings
• Epoxies ceramic filled

If you have a question about an application, installation, or just need help with a technical bulletin or an SDS Sheet, call us directly at: 661-399-7781  /  Ask an installation specialist a question [click here]