Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA

Foundation restoration for the JPL, Goldstone Radio Telescope. Re-grout the main support for the main hydrostatic bearing soleplates replacement using an MST recommended leveling system (Level Master) and epoxy grout (CWC 604). MST was onsite for system design, technical over site, and grout sampling for independent laboratory testing.

MST Field Service: Preliminary design evaluation and recommendations, product technical over-sight, product training, grout sampling for lab testing, (Compressive Strength Verification)

Note: Project was filmed by Discovery Channel – Program: World’s Toughest fixes”.


Ivanpah Solar Generating Station

Foundation for all mechanical equipment for the solar thermal power plant collection towers for the largest solar thermal power plant in the world. MST supplied Chockfast Black, Chockfast Red High Flow, installation accessories, technical support, training, post-pour evaluations and field sampling for independent laboratory.

MST Field Service: Product recommendations, installation accessories, on -site, field product sampling and lab compression testing and verification.


Caesar’s Entertainment Group / High Roller Observation Wheel

Primary support columns and wind/sizmic brace leg – installed on concrete footings with epoxy grout acting as the interface between the steel and concrete structures. Primary Support Columns were grouted with CWC 604. The Brace Leg was grouted with Escoweld 7505E. Wheel assembly structure with Escoweld 7505E.

MST:Preliminary engineering review and product recommendations, installing, contractor training, product sampling and lab compressible strength testing.


Lowell / Discovery Channel Observatory / M3 Engineering / Laron Corporation

Installation of 16 Ton Rotational Dome for optical telescope. main bogie wheel assembly using Chockfast Orange epoxy chocking compound accessories.

MST Field Services: Engineering consultations, advanced training of the mechanical staff, and supplied epoxy chocking compounds for the rotational assembly. Chockfast Orange and all installation and form accessories, and post-pour evaluations.


Clearwater Paper Mill | C.R. Meyers

Installation of 20 Ton Metso paper roller assembly using Escoweld 7550E.

MST Field Services: Preliminary design evaluation and product recommendation. Over site of O.E.M. installation design, training of Millwright staff for product installation, all installation and forming accessories, post-pour evaluations.


Seneca Resources | Energy Link

Gas Compressor Skids. Grouted compressor skids 36’ x 16’ x 2” poured with no grout holes (used Head Boxes). Used CWC 604 Epoxy Grout MST Provided installation Design, Onsite Technical Service, supply of mixing equipment and Field Test Samples

MST: Installation design, head-box design and construction, on-site technical' over-site, all mixing and installation accessories and equipment. Grout sampling and lab testing (compressive strength verification)