Las Vegas Valley Water District-Flemingo Ave Pump Station 005
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Project planning, scheduling, installation design, and product support is crucial since grout is the final interface between the machine and the foundation it relies on. A term coined here at MST is very simple but completely true; “Grout holds the machine up while anchor bolts hold the machine down”. Miss the understanding of this very simple statement and what it implies and your project is destined for long term operational issues and eventual failure.

We at Machine Support Technologies understand all aspects of machinery installation and the end results of poor foundation design, project planning, grout scheduling, passed down engineering practices, and poor installation procedures. Any one of these can lead to continual equipment misalignment, pipe strain, vibration, excessive bearing temperatures, expensive seal replacement, and an overall decrease in MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). Our goal is to make sure everyone is on board and has a complete understanding of the task before the first drop of grout is mixed. Items to consider should include:

    • Concrete Substrate Evaluation
    • Foundation Prep
    • Environmental Controls
    • Anchor Bolts / Bolt Stretch 
    • Preliminary Equipment Elevation
    • Forming Methods
    • Control Joints
    • Grout Storage
    • Grout Preconditioning
    • Grout Mixing Procedures
    • Grout Placement
    • Grout Curing 
    • Grout Sampling / Independent Testing